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AYUKO (亜有子)
14 January 2011 @ 03:39 pm
Title : Foreign Attachments
Rating : M (In future chapters)
Pairings : G27 (GiottoTsuna), and All27
Warnings : AU (Alternate Universe), and out-of-character Neko!Tsuna
Summary : An organization hunting members of the Cosa Nostra has reason to believe Vongola corp. runs operations on illegal grounds. Only needing evidence to bring down the largest enterprise in the world, they will even target it's next heir.

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AYUKO (亜有子)
13 September 2010 @ 04:48 am
 il respiro del Demonio
The Devil's Breath
------------------------------ x

“N–nng..h..! H-Agh..!–aaA–!”

A hitched intake of breath came from the smaller one's mouth.

“HAH-! Don–uwaA..! HaaA..Agh..!”

Indescribable sensations coursed through his body, leaving him arching into the body above him. His toes curled, and his entire figure trembled.

“Haa..! Ha–Agh..! S..top..! U-ugh–AH! S..stop..!”

Among the two, the smaller's hair was in a disheveled state. His side burns were dampened with sweat; sticking to the sides of his face, and some were caught between his lips. His cheeks, flushed with a vivid shade of red, blushed fervently. And his tear-streaked eyes were left blocked by his dripping bangs. Only the button nose and parted lips were visible; breathing and panting in an erratic pace. And lips that once tasted sweet like strawberries dripped from the tongue with bitterness.

The sounds of pained mewls and grunts were mixed with strained sobs as well as protests. But all fell on deaf ears.


Long, creamy fingers clawed desperately at the other's back; failing to tear the body away from him. And pained screams emitted from him as he was forced to withstand the pain that entered and exited him in disturbingly dragged motions; repeating itself as if it wouldn't end.

"H-haa..! A-aah!"

But what horrified the Vongola boss most, were the slight sensations of pleasure that coursed through his body at random intervals. And this killed him knowing he did not want this.

“S-stop..! H-haa– D-Dino..S-san..!–..NNnng..h-hck–!!”

The moon, positioned alpine in the night sky, casted the sun's bright light through tall glass doors; illuminating the balcony that stretched alfresco. Rich, red curtains danced to the same direction of the cold night breeze; allowing the moon's brilliance to enter the dark room. And the howling of the wind dominated the night, as well as the violent rustling of the branches.

Within range of the moon's incandescence, a king-sized bed stood exposed to the wind, covered with long, soft fabric that hung from the canopy of the davenport.

The silhouettes of those previously mentioned were visible from behind the thick red drapes.

“U-Ugh–! H-haa..A-Aaghh!“

But none could hear the desperate cries.
- - - -

At first, he recognized it as the brotherly affection Dino had always showered him with. The Cavallone boss was always the friendly sort, so Tsuna never saw his gestures as anything but of genuine kindness.

Wrapping his arms around the Vongola boss affectionately, and supporting him as he always had in the past. It was evident that even after ten years, their relationship hadn't withered in the slightest. And such was the reason that Tsuna found he could trust his dear brother.

However, as time came to pass, something was brought to the Vongola's attention.

Norms such as the loving gestures and cheerful gazes began changing slightly– if not greatly. And as one event led to another, Tsuna no longer knew how to react when he noticed the dark glint in his brother's eyes. Had it always been there, he no longer knew. And the thought alone frightened him.

Tsuna wasn't stupid. He noticed when the touches lingered, and he knew what the heated gazes hinted. But he could not find any trace of mutual affection in his body.

Dino had always been his admirable brother, and such a thing wasn't easy to change for him – even after a decade.

So he planned on meeting the latter and giving him his answer gently.

But things hadn't gone as planned.

That week wasn't the greatest time to do what he did, he thought. Thinking back, he should have seen it coming. It may have saved him from fending for himself; clawing at sheets, blankets, and pillows.

But it was his fault.

He hadn't paid attention.

For months, there had been an outbreak of crimes. A mafia family in Italy had begun dealing drugs to any of those willing to pay, and this information got to the Vongola. The drug was known as 'il respiro del Demonio'; The Devil's Breath. And though the true extent of the drug was unknown, it was said to render someone into a submissive state.

Cases of theft shot up – with victims finding difficulty remembering anything, and cases of sexual assault rose as well.

The Vongola Family had no connection to this family, so this amassed to a greater difficulty tracking down the culprits. But when they were able to find the family's locations, scattered around the outskirts of Italy, they confiscated their supplies, and the chaos simmered down.

Reborn had taken the job of holding further investigations on the origin of drug. And Verde – being the mafia's unwilling scientist, took up the job of researching the contents of the substance.

Tsuna would be sent reports from both men, and samples of different versions of the drug were often sent to him through Gokudera, who had willingly offered to help with the investigation.

But all four men were exhausted.

It had been a long week, and Tsuna found himself playing with a sample of the drug in the tip of his fingers; seated lazily at his desk. It was during these moments when the Vongola Boss truly felt grateful for having a caring and observant right-hand man by his side. So much so that he sighed with relief.

“Here you go, Tenth”

Gokudera smiled warmly at his boss as he placed a glass of water on the desk. Tsuna looked at his friend with a tired face and gladly took the drink. He noticed another white tablet on the tray as well and blinked at it. Gokudera took notice of his stare and smirked. “The kid asked if you had a migraine, so he thought it would help with the pain.”

“Lambo, huh?” Tsuna couldn't help but chuckle.

Gokudera's smile lingered for a few seconds more before faltering. And Tsuna didn't need to guess who was to blame. “Dino-san says he'll be staying over again.”

Tsuna kept his smile “Ha ha, Oh? Does Romario know of this? We wouldn't want him worrying over his boss like last time.”

“Aa, he called earlier apologizing for the inconvenience... B-but that's beside the point! Tenth..!”

Tsuna couldn't help but feel flattered by Gokudera's concern. He was, once again, grateful for having a caring friend as his right-hand.


Cool green eyes looked worriedly at brown ones. “Have faith in my strength”

- - - - -

Tsuna chuckled bitterly at himself.

That's what I said, and yet...

His legs gave in under him and he fell to his knees.


He'd been drugged.

Breathing out, Tsuna tried recollecting his thoughts to figure out when this could have happened.

The tablet Lambo had given didn't seem at all suspicious.. and the water that Gokudera provided didn't seem to set off any alarms earlier. His hyper intuition should have kicked him, he thought.

Besides... Those two wouldn't have had any reason to do this sort of thing anyway...

Tsuna widened his eyes noticing his dizziness.

He was intoxicated.

He had returned to his chambers a little over half an hour ago; Gokudera having escorted him down the halls. And he decided to change out of his formal attire and into his sleeping gear.

But it wasn't after a minute of fumbling with the zipper of his slacks and the knot of his tie, that he noticed his disorientation.

Unless... I've had a memory lapse..?

It was possible that the effects had kicked in earlier without him noticing. Perhaps he was drugged before, and his hyper intuition was clouded as a result–


Tsuna hadn't noticed it before. He held his stomach with a wince and looked to his bed.

Someone's.. here...

Thinking fast, he realized the best thing to do was to stay calm. He needed Gokudera. He needed his right-hand man who's room was located quite a long distance away from his room– he mentally cursed.

Tsuna grimaced at his coordination but managed to crawl to the table he placed his phone on and texted the man. Fumbling with the buttons, he noted how his message looked less than decent; only having the word 'help' readable, but it would do. Gokudera knew he rarely used his phone, even during the most important times, so the man would come flying in the room once he heard the ringtone set under his name go off.

And that was what reassured him.

For the next second.

Tsuna's heart dropped as soon as the familiar ringtone sounded. From the direction of his canopy bed. And a loud laugh made him want to panic and run for the door.

“Ha ha ha! It's a good thing I took his phone off him, don't you think, little bro?”

A hand parted the curtains of his bed slightly, and he immediately recognized the mess of blond hair that followed suite. He didn't have time to react before another pain left him clutching his stomach for dear life, and it wasn't until he came to did he notice how close Dino was to him. They were now merely centimeters away. The other crouching down and looking at him with a smile.

It was then when he confirmed it. He was already suffering from memory lapse.

“The effects can last up to 72 hours... but you'll only be under it's complete control for about 3. Isn't that great?”

He didn't know how to respond to that. And he knew the nausea wasn't what made him feel sick.

“I heard you and the others have been researching Devil's Breath, but I can assure you that this is a normal sedative.” Dino laughed at himself “Not that it helps the situation much.”

“Dino-san.. please don't...”

The other continued talking as if nothing was said.

“The drug is close to Rohypnol, but it's a modified version.”

His vision blurred, and he no longer knew what to do. He tried holding on for a little longer, but his body felt completely drained.

“Rohypnol lasts for 8-12 hours. But I couldn't wait that long. The symptoms are pretty much the same, but this way you're not drowsy when that noisy man comes in to wake you up in the morning."

Tsuna blacked out for a second but forced his eyes open when he was caught by the man in front of him. It was getting more and more difficult to stay awake, and this had him narrowing his eyebrows.

Dino brought his mouth to his little brother's right ear before smiling and lowering to place a chaste kiss on the base of his neck. He mumbled against the soft skin.

"Within the next 3 hours, I'll only prepare you. I won't touch you any more until you wake up.”

Tsuna stifled a whimper when he was suddenly bitten.

His breathing became uneasy when the other began lapping over the wound tentatively with his tongue.

"Once you wake up, we can fully enjoy ourselves"

He didn't know how to answer as a result of his intoxication, but even if he had been able to, he would have been at a loss for words. He heard a low chuckle from the man in front of him, and soon he was pulled back and observed; a hand reaching out to stroke his right cheek.

“Little bro, if you're sleepy then sleep. No need to stay awake on my account”

Tsuna didn't know what to do. He looked into his brother's eyes, hoping for some sort of reassurance. But it was when he saw that dark expression again did he realize that he had made a mistake.


Tsuna's eyes held a look of sadness in them, and this only received another bitter chuckle in response.

I don't want this...

“Sorry, Tsuna”

And his world was consumed by darkness.

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A u t h o r ' s   C o m m e n t : 

[Edited on the 13th September; 6:30pm ]
Due to some incredibly helpful suggestions, I modified the story slightly and added more scenes with Dino and Tsuna. Hopefully the difference is visible and much better -smiles-  [/ edit]

I don't know if I should make an alternative version of this with explicit scenes... But I can honestly say that I tried to. You can blame my inability to write lemons as the reason behind the lack of detail. But I hope it wasn't that bad > <

So, this was kind of a.. dark fic project that concentrated on the non-existent tension between Dino and Tsuna's brotherly relationship. I guess I haven't seen that many dark fics with this pairing(?) so I decided to make one myself. I've seen plenty of 1827 ones though. They were really good -chuckles-

The references to the drugs mentioned were more or less based on facts.. but the drug Dino referred to as a 'modified version' of Rohypnol is non-existent.
Information was gathered from the following sites: (1) (2)

Hm hm~ Feel free to tell me what you thought of this short story?
Thank you for bothering to read this. It really means a lot ^ ^


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